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The Philosophical Society and convenor, Derek Lande, were awared the rights to host the 2005 European Universities Debating Championsips at the 2004 competition in Durham, setting in train a year of work culminating in the largest and one of the most successful and acclaimed Euro's to date. Organised by Derek Lande and the Euro's organising committee, the Championships were a huge logistical effort for the society, and the largest debating event held in Ireland since the Society hosted the World Universities' Debating Championships in 1996.

Run over four days (March 18-21) the event saw over 120 teams particpate in preliminary rounds held at Presentation Brothers' College in the Mardyke, Cork. The debating aspect of the competition was a success, with few delays and a strong adjudication team, while the social events of the competition included a traditional Irish Céilí, Bowling, Karaoke and Pool and culminated in the championship Ball held after the Grand Final in Silverspings Hotel.

The event won Best Event at the 2006 UCC Clubs and Society Awards.

Organising Committee[edit]

Convenor : Derek Lande
Deputy Convenor & Registration : Diarmuid Early
Deputy Convenor & Hospitality : Paul Flynn
Chief Adjudicator : Caleb Ward
Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Conor Buckley
Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Jan Rosing
Assistant Chief Adjudicator: David McGoldrick
Assistant to Convenor : Kate O'Sullivan
Public Relations : Eilionoir Flynn
Communications : Luke Harris
Volunteers: Jerry O'Donovan
Tabs : Danny Gleeson
Sponsorship : Daniel P. McCarthy
Logistics : Hannah Daly
Venues : Tom Flynn
Socials : Lyn McCarthy
Philosophical Society Committee Liason : Karen Levingstone

The Tournament[edit]


European Champions: (Bob Nimmo & Erin O'Brien) (Durham A)

Best Speaker: Niall Kennedy (GUU A)

ESL Champions (Lars Duursma & Sharon Kroes) (Erasmus A)

ESL Speaker: Anat Gelber (Haifa A)

Grand Final[edit]

  • 1st Opp: Inner Temple (Greg O'Ceallaigh & Charlie Sparling)
  • 2nd Gov: Oxford C (Timothy Saunders & Alex Hill)

Judges: Caleb Ward (c), Conor Buckley, Jan Rosing, Colm Flynn, Daragh Grant, Derek Lande, Can Okar, Miranda Weigler, Uri Zakai

Breaking Teams[edit]

1 GUU A Niall Kennedy Kenny Flemming
2 City A Jessica Harvey-Smith Jenny Twite
3 Durham A Bob Nimmo Erin O'Brien
4 UCD L&H A Ciarán Lawlor Eoghan Casey
4 Oxford B Eusebius McKaiser Richard Goodman
6 Oxford A Gavin Illsley Will Jones
7 TCD Hist Hannah Murphy Josephine Curry
8 Bristol A Hannah Klein Leila Sales
9 Inner Temple Greg O'Ceallaigh Charlie Sparling
10 Oxford D Samir Deger-Sen Roger Cotes
11 Galway A Sharon Dillon-Lyons Stephen Nolan
12 Bristol C Toby Eley Ed McRandal
13 Cambridge A David Tite Daniel Warents
14 Haifa A Shir Barniv Anat Gelber
15 Oxford C Timothy Saunders Alex Hill
16 Middle Temple Willard Foxton Bridget Burns

Top 10 Speakers[edit]

1 Niall Kennedy
2 Leila Sales
3 Jessica Harvey-Smith
4 Hannah Klein
5 Ciarán Lawlor
5 Erin O'Brien
7 Gavin Illsley
7 Richard Goodman
9 Samir Deger-Sen
10 Hannah Murphy


1. THW make the post-mortem donation of organs compulsory without exception

2. THW support the right of Chechnya to secede

3. THBT popular referenda should not be used to ratify the EU constitution.

4. THW prosecute the perpetrators of domestic violence without the consent of the victim

5. THW grant immunity from prosecution to dictators who step down.

6. THBT the state should assist healthy people commit suicide.

ESL Semi: TTHW remove the Arms Embargo on China

ESL Final: TTHW make failure to render reasonable assistance to a person in distress a criminal offence

QTR: THW condemn companies that seek to avoid first world regulations on human drug testing by conducting their trials in the developing world.

Semi: THW withdraw from the Ottawa convention banning the sale of land mines.

Final: TTHW allow the use of racial profiling by police forces.

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