155th Session (2004/2005)

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Header logo used for the 155th Session
Ruaírí Quinn
Prof. Ivana Bacik
Dan Boyle TD
Society President Dr Garret FitzGerald in the robes of NUI Chancellor
Liz McManus TD
Senator John Minihan
Alderman Mick Barry


At the AGM of the 154th Session the auditorial election was contested by Niamh Murphy and Derek Doyle, with Niamh winning. Subsequently, over the summer, she dropped out of UCC and therefore Karen Levingstone become acting-auditor until the start of term time. Tony Murphy was then elected at a by-election in October.

Committee Photo[edit]

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Society Achievements[edit]

Competitive Debating Achievements[edit]

Internal Competitions[edit]

UCC Philosophical Society Lord Mayor's Gold Medal Winner: Derek Lande
UCC Philosophical Society Mace Winners: Derek Lande & Derek Doyle
UCC Maiden Speakers Debating Competition Winner: David McGoldrick

House Meetings[edit]

  • 1st Meeting - Monday 4th October 2004: The Cannabis Debate Minutes 155th 1

"That This House Would Free The Weed"
Opening Address by Honorary President of the society, Dr. Garret Fitzgerald
Proposition Speaker: Cllr. Luke Flanagan (AKA Ming the Merciless)
Opposition Speaker: Jan Rosing

  • 2nd Meeting - Monday 11 October 2004: The Israel-Palestine DebateMinutes 155th 2

"That This House Would Tear Down the Wall"
Proposition Speaker: Ruairi Quinn TD, former Minister for Finance and Leader of the Labour Party.
Opposition Speaker: Tony Murphy.

  • 3rd Meeting - Monday 18 October 2004: The Drugs In Sports DebateMinutes 155th 3

"That This House Would Allow the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport"
Proposition Speaker: Diarmuid Early, delivering a paper from Professor Ellis Cashmore
Opposition Speaker: Dr. Brendan Buckley, Irish Sports Council Anti-Doping Committee

  • 4th Meeting - Monday 1 November 2004: The US Election Debate Minutes 155th 4

"That This House Would Vote Kerry"
Proposition Speakers: Kathleen Lynch TD, The Labour Party, and Paul Flynn.
Opposition Speakers: Ronan Mullen, Irish Examiner, and Ralph Riegel, Irish Independent.

  • 5th Meeting - Monday 8 November 2004: The Prostitution Debate Minutes 155th 5

"That This House Would Legalise Prostitution"
Proposition Speaker: Mary Ellen Ring, Barrister
Opposition Speaker: Paul Reynolds, RTE Crime Correspondent

"That This House Favours Restrictive Alcohol Laws"
Proposition Speaker: Senator John Minihan, Progressive Democrats (replacing Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Michael McDowell)
Opposition Speaker: Derek Doyle

  • 7th Meeting - Monday 22 November 2004: The InterParty Debate Minutes 155th 7

In association with UCC Government Society - "Is Ireland Closer to Boston or Berlin?"
Speakers Included:
Liz McManus TD, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party
Dan Boyle TD, Green Party
Cllr. Colm Burke, Fine Gael
Ald. Mick Barry, Socialist Party

  • 8th Metting - Monday 29 November 2004: The Final of the Philosoph Mace Minutes 155th 8

"That This House Believes Osama Had A Point"
First Proposition: Diarmuid Early and Tony Murphy
First Opposition: Luke Harris and Jerry O Donovan
Second Proposition: Stephen Commane and Fergal O Brien
Second Opposition: Derek Lande and Derek Doyle

"That This House Believes an Arts Degree isn't Worth The Paper It's Written On"
Proposition Speaker: Jerry O Donovan
Opposition Speaker: Andrew King, UCC English Dept.

No Public Debate.

"That This House Would Legalise Abortion in Ireland"
Proposition Speakers: Ivana Bacik, Labour Party and Reid Professor of Law (TCD), and Dr. Mary Favier, Doctors for Choice.
Opposition Speakers: Dr. Joe McCaroll and Audrey Dillon, Pro-Life Campaign.

  • 12th Meeting - Monday 24 January 2005: RAG week Stand-Up Competition

MC: Packie O' Callaghan, Comedian

  • 13th Meeting - Monday 31 January 2005: The Nuclear Power Debate Minutes 155th 12

"That This House Would Introduce Nuclear Power in Ireland"
Proposition Speaker: Dr. Paddy McCarthy, UCC Physics Dept.
Opposition Speaker: Eamon Ryan TD, Green Party

  • 14th Meeting - Monday 7 February 2005: The Restructuring Debate Minutes 155th 13

"That This House Would Restructure UCC"
Speaker: Padraig MacAmhlaoibh, UCC Students Union

  • 15th Meeting - Monday 14 February 2005: The Final of the Lord Mayor's Gold Medal Minutes 155th 14

"That This House Would Abandon Space Exploration"

  • 16th Meeting - Monday 21 February 2005: The Neutrality Debate Minutes 155th 15

"That This House Would Abandon Irish Neutrality"
Proposition Speaker: Johnathan Hoare, Fine Gael
Opposition Speaker: Eddie Horgan, Plaintiff in legal case against Irish Government regarding the use of Shannon Airport by US Forces.

Extended Private Members Time Debate

"That This House Would Legalise Gay Marriage in Ireland"
Proposition Speakers: Marie Mullholland, Journalist and Civil rights campaigner, and Cllr Peter Kelly, Fine Gael.
Opposition Speakers: Marwan Boustani, UCC Muslim Cultural Society, and Diarmuid Early.

"That This House Believes that Sinn Fein has no place in Government"
Proposition Speaker: Eoghan Harris, Sunday Independent
Opposition Speaker: Nollaig O Gadhra, Conradh na Gaeilge

Extraordinary General Meetings[edit]

"That This House Would Negotiate With Terrorists"

  • Grand Final of the Denny Munster Schools Competition 2005 - 6 March 2005 - Boole 4, UCC Minutes 155th Schools

"That This House Would Directly Elect the Pope"

Guest Chair: Mark Little

Christian Brothers College (Conor O'Brien & Cian Hargrave-Murphy)
Colaiste an Spioraid Naoimh (Rob Foley & Steven Cull)
Cormac Early (Newtown School, Waterford}
Robbie Falkenthal (Newtown School, Waterford)

St. Aloysius' School, Cork (Kirsty March & Una Clancy)
Christian Brothers College (Aidan Long & Owen Carroll)
Harry Harvey, (Presentation Brothers College)
John Gleeson, (Christian Brothers College}

Winning Team: Christian Brothers College (O'Brien & Hargrave-Murphy)
Winning Individual: Cormac Early

  • Grand Final of the European Universities Debating Championships 2005 - 21 March 2005 - Silversprings Hotel, Cork Minutes 155th Euros

"That This House Would Allow the Use of Racial Profiling in Criminal Investigations"

Annual General Meeting[edit]

Minutes 155th AGM
Thursday 24 March, 2005.

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