Can Okar

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Can Okar

Can Okar infamously partnered Derek Lande in a tournament in which they failed to break despite their own protestations.

Can is yet to debate competitively (or indeed uncompetitively) at Cork though he once judged at Cork Europeans 2005. He thought Cork was a nice enough place but perhaps a little bit too industrial for his backward, Turkish taste.

His debating record is unparalleled in so far as he has managed to become European Champion, a Worlds Semi-Finalist and a top-ten Worlds Speaker without once, ever getting to a British or Irish final.

Despite the fact that Derek Lande is probably a better debater, he has a rather annoying knack of knocking him out at the business end of any international tournament at which they meet (see EUDC Semi 2003, WUDC Octo 2002).

This makes him rather popular among the Cork debating élite.

He was the Chief Adjudicator at Istanbul (Koc) Euros in 2007 and will be the Chief Adjudicator at Istanbul (Koç) Worlds in 2010.