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Also see: Cork IV


The Invitational in 2010, was again a twelve team competition, with teams coming from across Ireland and the UK to compete, despite treacherous weather. The winning team, by consensus, was "Barbra Streisand" (Niall Sherry and Muireann O'Dwyer) in second opposition, who also broke first on the tab with 9 points. The other finalists were in first proposition "Cambridge Women's Open 2011 (Maria English & Aliyah Akram), in first opposition "IMFistan University A (Sean Butler and Gearoid Wrixon), and in second proposition "The Furious Dearvs" (Gavin Illsley and Christine Simpson). Judging the final was Mark Collins in the Chair and with him Christina O'Sullivan, Jesse Harrington, Mary-Beth O'Sullivan, Alanna Landers, John Beechinor, Vincent Lacey.

Round One: TTHB that labour rights are a luxury that we can no longer afford.
Round Two: TTHB that Sarah Palin is good for US politics.
Round Three: Assuming legality, this house, in the national interest, would transfer all Irish governmental functions to an independent consultancy firm until a general election is held.
Final: TTHB that matters of constitutional law should be determined by jury's and not judges.


The competition in 2009 was a 12 team competition with participants from as far afield as Alaska, California, Scotland, England and all over Ireland. The winning team was "32 stones of love" (Steven Nolan and Gavin Illsey) from 2nd proposition. They also broke first on the tab. The other finalists were "Mary had a little lamb, Jack killed it" (Mary Nugent and Jack Watson from Cambridge), 1st opp were "fat kids win at see saw" (Conor Kelly-NUIG and Maureen Haverty-UCC), Second Opp were "Are minarets code for Jews?"(Richard Lau-Cambridge and Deirdre Milner-UCC).
The motions were as follows:
Round One: TTHW sacrifice economic growth for the good of the environment
Round Two: TTHW ban the manufacture and ownership of all handguns
Round Three: TTH make the post mortem donation of organs compulsory without exception
Final: TTHW make the blood of the patriarchy flow in the streets<RB>

Previous Winners[edit]

Year Winners Speaker Tab Speaker in Final Convenor Chief Adjudicator(s)Tab
2010 161st Niall Sherry & Muireann O'Dwyer (Barbra Streisand) Muireann O'Dwyer Not awarded Anne O'Donovan Mark Collins
2009 160th Gavin Illsey and Steve Nolan Gav Illsey Not awarded [] Eoghan McSwiney
2008 159th Tiernan Fitzgibbon and Eoghan McSwiney Tiernan Fitzgibbon Not awarded Daniel P. McCarthy Daniel P. McCarthy
2007 158th Jess Harvey Smith & Will Jones
Will Jones Not awarded Eoghan McSwiney Conor O'Brien-
2006 157th Daniel P. McCarthy & Shane Lyons
UCC Philosoph
? - Tiernan Fitzgibbon Diarmuid Early-
2005 156th Susan Connolly & John Harvey
Susan Connolly - Danny Gleeson Derek Lande & Ciaran Lawlor-
2004 155th Caleb Ward & Rachel Carrell
New Zealand (Composite)
- - Derek Lande
Europeans Committee
Derek Lande-
2003 154th Keith Piggott & Paddy Buckley
UL Debating Union
Amanda Wolthuisen
DCA's (Composite)
Neill Harvey Smith
DCA's (Composite)
Eoghan Gannon Derek LandeDownload
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