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The Philosophical Society and Law Society won the rights to host the 29th World Universities' Debating Championships in Cork in 2008/2009. The event began on 27th December 2008 and culminated in the Grand Final in the City Hall on 3rd January 2009. This was the second time that Cork hosted Worlds, the first time being in 1996

Organising Committee[edit]

Steering Committee[edit]

Convenor: Art Ward

Chief Adjudicator: Derek Lande

Director of Finance & Procurement: Eamon Chawke

Director of Registration & Communications: Mark Collins

Director of Transport & Hospitality: Paul Flynn

Director of Socials: Noelle Russell

Director of Socials: Steve Nolan

Director of Logistics: Claire O'Sullivan Greene (previously Tiernan Fitzgibbon)

Equity Officer: Tony Murphy

Women's Officer: Jennifer Harrison

Head of Minority Affairs: Victoria Wallace

Chief of Staff: Ross Frenett

Philosoph Representative: Luke Harris (previously Ross Frenett and Diarmuid Early)

Lawsoc Representative: Mike Cahill (previously Conor Hurley and Mark Collins)

Adjudication Team[edit]

Chief Adjudicator: Derek Lande

Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Ivan ah Sam

Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Erin O'Brien

Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Rory Gillis

Assistant Chief Adjudicator: Daniel P. McCarthy

Tab Director: Robert Nimmo

Directorate of Transport & Hospitality[edit]

Director of Transport & Hospitality: Paul Flynn

Excursions, Assistant Transport & General Hospitality Manager: Danny Gleeson

Transport Manager: Kieran Murphy

Transport Manager: Shane Lyons

Catering Manager: Elizabeth Harris

Assistant Catering Manager: Hazel Nolan

Minority Catering: Victoria Wallace

Accommodation Manager: Emer Harrington

Accommodation Manager: Alanna Landers

Accommodation Manager: Lorna Greene

Directorate of Registration & Communication[edit]

Director of Registration & Communication: Mark Collins

Deputy Director of Registration: Eoin Kilkenny

Registration Assistant: Deirdre Milner

Media Consultant: Pamela Prenderville

Webmaster: Sam Fitzpatrick

Directorate of Finance & Procurement[edit]

Director of Finance & Procurement: Eamon Chawke

Procurement Manager: Shirley Somers

Directorate of Logistics[edit]

Director of Logistics: Claire O'Sullivan Greene

Deputy Director of Logistics: Eoghan McSwiney

Chief of Staff: Ross Frenett

Volunteer Team Leaders:

Directorate of Socials[edit]

Director of Socials: Noelle Russell

Director of Socials: Steve Nolan

Ball Co-ordinator: Úna Clancy

Deputy Director of Socials: Jolene Quinn

Deputy Director of Socials: Elaine Murphy

Directorate of Equality[edit]

Equity Officer: Tony Murphy

Deputy Equality Officer & Womens Officer: Jennifer Harrison

Minority Affairs: Victoria Wallace


Round 1:This house would ban all forms of gambling
Round 2:This house would fire the senior managements of all corporations which receive government bailouts
Round 3:This house would allow soldiers to sue their government for negligence
Round 4:This house would force the religious desegregation of Northern Irish schools
Round 5:This house believes that China and India should bear the same obligations as the West in fighting climate change
Round 6:This house would criminalise adultery
Round 7:This house believes that the west should recognise the independence of Abkhazia
Round 8:This house would apply a lower rate of income tax to women
Round 9:This house would ban the publication of political opinion polls
Octo-final motion:This house would arm local militia to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan
Quarter final motion: This house believes that the international criminal court should prosecute crimes against the democratic process
Semi final motion: This house believes governments should subsidise private home ownership
Grand Final motion: This house would ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy

The Break[edit]

The Main Break[edit]

The main break was announced shortly after midnight on New Year's Eve:

1 Sydney B
2 Sydney A
3 Cambridge C
4 Monash A
5 Oxford A
6 Oxford C
7 Seattle A
8 Princeton A
9 TCD Phil B
10 Helsinki A
11 Canterbury A
12 Oxford B
13 UCD L&H A
14 Hart House B
15 Harvard A
16 Monash B
17 Manchester A
18 Hart House A
19 MIT A
20 Brandeis A
21 Swarthmore A
22 Uni Queensland A
23 Vic Wellington A
24 Queens A
25 Yale A
26 Auckland A
27 Sydney C
28 Yale B
29 Nottingham A
30 McGill A
31 Loyola A
32 Stanford A

The ESL Break[edit]

The ESL Break:
1 Leiden A
2 Tel Aviv A
4 Bonaparte B
5 Talinn A
7 Haifa A
8 Galatasasay A

Breaking Judges[edit]

Adriaan Adringa
Andrew Marshall
Anna Garcia
Ben Jasper
Bernadette Angungio
Beth Connor
Bob Nimmo
Can Okar
Catherine Richardson
Chris Bishop
Chris Croke
Ciaran Lawlor
Claire Lindsay
Colm Flynn
Conor O'Brien
Daniel P. McCarthy
Daniel Warents
David Middlemiss
David Tait
Derek Doyle
Derek Lande
Doug Cochrane
Elizabeth Ames
Erin Fitzgerald
Erin O'Brien
Gavin Illsley
Gregg O'Neill
Ian Lising
Iqbal Hafiedz
Isabelle Loewe
Ivan Ah Sam
Jason Rodgers
Jenni Harrison
Jens Fischer
Josh Martin
Julia Bowes
Katherine Connolly
Kirsty Russell
Lewis Iwu
Michael Clark
Morgan Shelly
Neil Harvey-Smith
Nicole Lynch
Rory Gillis
Ross McGuire
Safwan Shahab
Sam Block
Samir Deger-Sen
Sani Ismail
Sasha Bodero-Smith
Sayqa Islam
Shamila Parmamail
Stephanie Paton
Steven Johnson
Suthen Tate Thomas
Tiernan Fitzgibbon
Tim Jeffrie
Tony Murphy
Willard Foxton
Eugene Akulich


Public Speaking Final[edit]

The finalists were:

Patrick Bateman
James Akron
Michael Emerson
Sarah Ingelman
Willard Foxton

The winner of the Public Speaking Final was Patrick Bateman.

Masters Final[edit]

The winners of the Masters Final were:
Team: Ireland (Ross McGuire & Gregg O'Neill)
Individual: Barry Glynn (Ireland)

ESL Final[edit]

The ESL final was held in Devere Hall (Multifunctional Hall) in U.C.C. The motion was: This House would implement quotas for domestic players in national football leagues.
The finalists were:
Leiden A Bonaparte B BBU A Hertie School of Governance A

The winners of the ESL Final were BBU A.

EFL Final[edit]

The EFL Final was held in the Aula Maxima in U.C.C. The motion was: This house would prohibit all private health care.
The EFL Finalists were:
Vilnius A Zagreb A Bucharest A Zagreb B

The winners of the EFL Final were Vilnius A (Aiste Dumbryte and Eugenija Golubova)

Grand Final[edit]

The Grand Final was held in City Hall, Cork. The motion was: This house would ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy.
The finalists were:
1st Gov - Monash B (Ravi Dutta and Victor Finkel)
1st Opp - Oxford A (Will Jones and James Dray)
2nd Gov - Harvard A (Cormac Early and Lewis Bollard)
2nd Opp - Oxford C (Jonathan Leader-Maynard and Alex Worsnip)

The 2009 World Debating Championships were won by Oxford A on a 5-4 split.

Best Speakers[edit]

Top Speaker:Naomi Oreb (Sydney B)
Top ESL Speaker:Leela Koenig (Leiden A)
Top EFL Speaker:Aistė Dumbrytė (Villinus A)

World Comic Public Speaking Competition:Willard Foxton

Top Team on the Tab:Sydney B (Naomi Oreb & Steve Hind)

Media Coverage[edit]

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