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Daniel Patrick McCarthy BA (Danny P, Dan P) was the Sponsorship Director of the organising committee of Cork Europeans 2005, and was the Finance Officer of the 156th Session. Daniel was the Training and Development Officer of UCC Societies' Guild for the year 2006/07. He was also the Assistant Chief Adjudicator for Cork Worlds 2009.

He is a History and Economics graduate of UCC, and went on to study at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He now works in JP Morgan in Dublin. Daniel was awarded an Honorary Life Membership of the society in the 157th Session. He was also awarded an Honorary Life Membership of the UCC Law Society in its 78th Session, making him one of the few people to be awarded this honour by both Houses. Daniel was also awarded a HLM from UCC Dramat and was inducted into their Hall of Fame. He was the assistant chief adjudicator for the 2009 WUDC.

He was a guest speaker for a debate on Wikileaks during the 161st Session.

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Daniel speaking in the European Universities' Debating Championships in Istanbul 2007 {{#ev:youtube|LLqYAfEJw54}}