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A Brief History[edit]

The Durham Union Society is responsible for organising guest addresses, public debates, social activities, and competitive debating within Durham University. It has over 2,500 members, and was founded in 1842 – making it the largest and oldest society in Durham.

Despite being stuck in the North-east of England, Durham hosts two major student tournaments each year. In late October they host the Durham IV, which attracts over fifty teams from other universities. In June they host the Durham Open – which is a great way to end the years debating in a relaxed environment. They also host the largest residential schools competition in Britain – with teams coming from as far as Canada to take part. In 2004 they hosted the European Championships, which were won by Utrecht. As well as the debating, Durham can offer the excuse for: a weekend in a world heritage city, their own society bar, and you get to see where Harry Potter was filmed!

Durham always sends teams to the major competitions. In 2002 they had a team in the final of the World Universities' Debating Championships and in 2005 they won the Cork Europeans.

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