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The Honorable Society of the King's Inns is the Dublin-based institution which controls the entry of barristers-at-law into the justice system of the Republic of Ireland. As a debating institution, the Inns have done consistently well due to the cunning practice of inducting the very best and the brightest debaters from every other debating society in the country and combining them after years of development has been invested in them by others, so that all the glory reaped at the close of a long career is credited to the Inns.

The King's Inns have also developed an interesting record of being the very first winners, or at first least Irish winners of many major competitions.

The Inns hold the honour of being the first winners of the Irish Times Debating Competition in 1960; the first Irish institution to win the World Universities' Debating Championships in 1985 (a year before UCC's triumph); and the first Irish institution to win the European Universities' Debating Championships at Amsterdam Euros in 2010.

Philosoph alumni[edit]

Many Philosoph alumni have ended up at the Inns on their way up the greasy-pole to bewigged glory:


John Smith Memorial Irish Mace[edit]

  • 2010: Paddy Rooney & Eoghan Casey
  • 2006: Mark Murphy & Barry Glynn
  • 2005: Leo Mulrooney & Rory Staines
  • 1997: Colm Ó Cinnéide & Paul McDermott
  • 1994: Naidoo & Newman

John Smith Memorial International Mace[edit]

  • 2006: Mark Murphy & Barry Glynn
  • 1986: Dermot Horgan & Damien Crawford

Irish Times Debating Competition[edit]

  • 2011: Lorcan Price & Áine Hartigan
  • 2007: David Quinn (Individual)
  • 2006: Barry Glynn & Mark Murphy
  • 2005: David Whelan & Sam Collins
  • 2004: Paul Brady (Individual)
  • 2000: Michael Deasy & Ronan Mullen
  • 1999: Rossa Fanning (Individual)
  • 1996: Helen Boyle & Paul McDermott
  • 1994: Bernard Dunleavy (Individual)
  • et cetera