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Leonard, John, Chris and Ross, hanging out in UCD
Leonard's Parents (he was adopted, sssh, don't tell him)
Leonard with Diarmuid, Worlds Quarter Final
Leonard in formalwear with Ross and Jimmy

Leonard the Duck is the UCC Philosoph's trusty mascot and brought huge success to the society since his arrival in December 2005. His cheeky personality combined with an insatiable wanderlust have ensured his smooth integration and a warm welcome into the nurturing bosom of the society.

Leonard's background[edit]

It may be assumed that Leonard is a migrant owing to his ubiqutous black scarf. Ducks are infamously quick to acclimatise to foreign weather conditions but Leonard is an exception. He has been spotted wearing a Cork flag as a decorative neck garment on occasion. He has also been known to sport formal attire when appropriate, including the Grand Final Ball of the 2006 in World Universities' Debating Championships in Dublin where he dined in the Grand Ballroom of the Burlington Hotel. The Irish World Schools' Team have been known to fraternise with Leonard.

Debating Achievements[edit]

Quarter-Finalist: European Universities' Debating Championships 2009 Newcastle
Quarter-Finalist:World Universities' Debating Championships 2006 Dublin
Finalist 2006 Trinity IV: Dean Swift
Winner 2006 Galway National Law Debates
Finalist: European Universities' Debating Championships Berlin
Finalist: World Universities' Debating Championships 2009 Cork (Cormac Early- Harvard A) (See also: Cork Worlds 2009)


It has come to the attention of many that there appears to be a certain amount of acrimony between Leonard and Ludovic the owl on the Philosoph's logo. The dispute centres around which bird is higher in the pecking order, as it were. Leonard has accused Ludovic of been just a shadowy outline of a mascot. Ludovic has been slow to respond.

Leonard's exile[edit]

While attending Euros in Berlin Leonard decided to fly the coop in an effort to quench his thirst for travel. Having been snapped all over Continental Europe, scarf intact, his journey through Europe came to an end in November 2006. He migrated back to Ireland and was seen swimming in a pond in what eye witnesses have assumed to be a concrete factory. His safe return has been a great relief to all in the Philosoph.

Leonard anecdotes[edit]

Tony Murphy of UCC in his octofinal, while placing a large yellow plastic duck called Leonard on the podium next to him: "Honourable adjudicators, Ladies and gentlemen, stupid looking duck..." [Link]

  • He also been seen to peer out of hotel room windows at unsuspecting members of the Philosoph Committee.

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