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Luke Harris
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Luke preparing to open the Munster Schools Final 158th Session.
Positions Held Auditor - 159th
Schools Officer - 158th
PRO - 156th
Sessions on Committee 156th, 158th, 159th
Other UCC Positions Held Class Rep
Communications Director, Cork Euros 2005
Awards Won Student Achievement Award, 2006 & 2009

Luke Harris (aka Tomás Ó hÉarchú) BCL LLM was a Law and French student at UCC, and Public Relations Officer, Schools Convenor and Auditor of the 156th, 158th and 159th Sessions respectively. He was Communications Director on the Cork Europeans 2005 Organising Committee, and the Philosoph representative on the Cork Worlds 2009 Steering Committee. During Worlds itself, he was a volunteer team leader, and chaired the final of the ESL break, and the Grand Final with Law Soc Auditor Mike Cahill and Guest Chair Ian Lising. He was granted Honorary Life Membership of the Society at the AGM of the 159th Session.

As a member of the 155th Session Special Projects Committee, he spent seven months correcting the grammar of his betters and participating in the Cork North-West Rural Outreach Programme, giving debating opportunities to impoverished and backward hicks (see Daniel P. McCarthy, Deirdre Milner, Jerry O'Donovan, Will Sherlock).

He was heavily involved in the administrative (read: boring) side of the Philosoph, drafting the Society's new written Constitution in the 156th Session and collaborating on the updated version, the Society's current Constitution, during the 158th Session. He also helped draft the Schools' Code of Conduct appended to that constititution, and several proposed amendments at the end of the 158th Session. This had little to do with him being a law student, and everything to do with him being a giant nerd.

Despite never having held the post of Recording Secretary, Luke has delivered minutes of the society on numerous occasions, at two AGMs, two Munster Schools' Finals and two house meetings, including the inaugural meeting of the 160th Session. He has been a guest speaker of the society on five occasions (each time replacing last minute cancellations, a common practice in the Philosoph).

An alumnus of Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh, Luke is the brother of Elizabeth Harris, and cousin to former Auditor-elect Eoghan Harris. Together, they form the core of the Harris Hortatorical Hegemony, because that's all the rage now, apparently. As a student of Law and French, he spent his year abroad in Robert Schuman University, Strasbourg.

Luke was also a member of the UCC Law Society for 5 years and a member of Dramat in 2008/09.

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A youthful Luke representing CSN at the ESB Munster Schools' Final in the 152nd Session

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