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President is an honorary title conferred by the society in certain sessions. It is customary for the President to formally address the society during the year. Past Presidents have included Nobel Laureates, Iar-Thaoisigh, High Court judges and University Presidents.

In recent years the society has taken to conferring Honorary Patronships to individuals. The Patrons of the 158th Session were General John de Chastelain, Betty Williams, Kevin Myers, The Hon. Boutros Boutros-Ghalli and Prof. Michael B Murphy.

Patrons of the 159th Session include Baroness Mary Warnock and Lord John Alderdice.

Known Presidents[edit]

160th Session Sen. David Norris
157th Session Sen. David Norris
156th Session Dr. Garret Fitzgerald
155th Session Dr. Garret Fitzgerald
154th Session Dr. Garret Fitzgerald
144th Session Sen. Gordon Wilson
143rd Session Prof. Anthony Clare
139th Session Prof. Brian Farrell
135th Session Seán MacBride SC
134th Session Alderman Hugh Coveney TD
133rd Session John Kelly TD
132nd Session Ulick O'Connor
131st Session Dr Bryan Mac Mahon
130th Session His Hon. Judge Gleeson SC
129th Session Right Worshipful Gerald Goldberg
121st Session Michael Fitzgerald
117th Session Ralph G. Sutton
97th Session Professor MacConnaill
1936/37 Prof. James Hogan
77th Session Dr. D. T. Barry
1916/1917 Alfred O'Rahilly
1914/1915 Prof. Alexander
54th Session Sir Rowland Blennerhasset (President of Queens' College Cork)

Session Unknown Seamus Mallon
Session Unknown Peter Sutherland
Session Unknown Charles J. Haughey
Session Unknown Daniel Corkery
Session Unknown Dr. Garret Fitzgerald


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